Powerful Solutions for DB2 Performance!

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Plug-and-Play CPU Savings and Performance Gains for DB2 z/OS

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A great deal of mainframe DB2 resource is consumed by the same SQL retrieving the same data over and over from important, but relatively static tables such as Price Plan, Zip Code, User Authorization, etc. The round trip to DB2 is slow and expensive, even if the requested data is already in DB2 buffer pools! If these SQL could be serviced from memory outside DB2, performance gains would be dramatic, mainframe resource would be saved, and peak CPU utilization would decrease. Now there is a solution that accomplishes exactly this. The solution is QuickSelect!


DBI pureFeat™ - Extreme Performance Tuning for DB2® LUW

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The DBI pureFeat Performance Suite for DB2 LUW is a major breakthrough in performance analysis, tuning, trending, alerting, and change management. DBI pureFeat tracks statement performance, SQL workload composition, index support and DB2 configuration characteristics, and helps the DBA quickly understand how changes in the above relate to observed changes in SQL workload performance.


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